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Integrating PIT Mutation Testing and GitHub Pages with GitHub Actions

PIT is a mutation testing system that allows you to spot deficiencies in your tests. You can integrate it easily with the most popular build tools. However, it would be quite convenient to have reports accessible at all times.

Let’s see how to achieve it with GitHub Pages and GitHub Actions using parallel-collectors as an example.

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GitHub Actions, reveal.js, and Automating the PDF Conversion

I’ve been using reveal.js as my main Slides as Code framework for a while. However, creating PDFs manually by “printing” a webpage into a PDF file was never fun(especially when conference staff is pushing you to quickly copy the slides to their USB stick) so I needed to figure out a better way.

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Spring’s Lightweight JPA/Hibernate Alternatives

Hibernate is a fantastic piece of engineering which became pretty much a default persistence solution for Java projects around the world.

However, many admit that it’s often a bit too feature-rich and that things like lazy-loading, dirty-checking, schema generation, session management, etc., make it unnecessarily heavy, unpredictable, and hard to debug.

Luckily, Spring ecosystem features two interesting alternatives that many are not aware of.

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