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Effective Spring

Effective Spring Course

In this workshop, attendees will go through modern Spring crash course along with elements of unlearning experience – which will help them achieve high efficiency and extreme velocity by doing the right things right.

The course is aimed at Java professionals who want to quickly discover modern techniques of effective software delivery with Spring framework.


  1. A Critical Look at Modern Frameworks (lecture and discussion)
  2. Revisiting Dependency Injection and Configuration
    1. Modularity and Hexagonal Architecture Overview
    2. Spring Context vs Encapsulation
  3. Configuration
    1. Property Files
    2. Environment Variables
    3. Configuration Servers
    4. Profile Management
    5. Custom Autoconfiguration
  4. Diagnostics with Spring Boot Actuator
    1. Actuator Overview and Security
    2. JMX Remoting
    3. Custom Healthchecks
    4. Custom Actuator Endpoints
  5. Rediscovering Persistence
    1. Flyway Incremental Migrations
    2. JdbcTemplate/JDBI-backed Persistence
    3. Hibernate/JPA Quirks
    4. Pragmatic Spring Data
  6. Sealing APIs with Spring Cloud Contract
    1. Contract-testing Overview
    2. Writing Contracts with Groovy DSL
    3. Contract Verification
  7. Rediscovering Web with Webflux
    1. Functional/Reactive Programming Introduction
    2. Multithreading Crash Course
    3. Thread-per-request Caveats
    4. HIgh-performance Web with Netty
    5. SSE Streaming

This is just a default outline, the actual agenda is always derived from the pre-training analysis.


Excellent teacher, lots of exercises which go beyond the common stuff… and lots of additional exercises which you can explore after the workshop. I learned how to properly use “functional” java in my daily job. Thanks for the amazing workshop!

Grzegorz is really passionate – such people are always happy to listen to, he always learns well from such people and it also gives a nice motivational kick. In addition, you can see that he was also prepared to conduct training – both when it comes to preparing for classes, and that you can see that he is training in the field of didactics and tries to get people out as much as possible.

Greatly conducted training, very interesting. Knowledge has been given to us that you would not have taken 3 days to get on your own, but rather 3 months for practical use as well. Great preparation of materials, transfer of knowledge. One big plus.

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